Author : Bibit Sudarsono, Ali Haidir
Publications : Prosiding Seminar UIN Syarif Hidayatullah
Years : 2018
Volume & Number :
Pages : 103-112
Source :


The development of the internet brings a very significant impact on the sale and purchase transactions conducted by both the seller and buyer, one of them is the method of spending built with systems that are inter-related to each other in the transaction process. This method can change the behavior of shopping that is conventional to the digital or so-called e-commerce. E-commerce provides an opportunity for sellers to open new business through online store. Currently, many marketplaces provide various facilities which make sellers easier to manage and conduct business competition in onlinestores. One of the facilities provided by the marketplace in order to facilitate the seller to optimizethe transaction activity is the use of premium member facilities with various levels that can be categorized into bronze, silver,and gold member. The impact of the use of these facilities are different from each other stages, from store performanceto service providers given marketplace to online store owners. Thus, the use of premium member facilities can be used as a reference for online store owners in determining the right business strategy for maximum achievement gained.

Premium member, e-commerce, marketplace, toko online