Author : Imam Safrudi
Publications : Jurnal Widya Cipta
Years : 2015
Volume & Number : Vol.7, No.2
ISBN/ISSN : P-ISSN: 2550-0805, E-ISSN:2550-0791
Pages : 176-184
Source :


The aims of this research are to analyze the influence of interpersonal relationship and employee oriented leadership style on employee satisfaction in Tangerang Selatan Public Hospital. The analysis method used in this research is descriptive and the model of analysis using the multiple regression. The data used are primary data through questionnaire and sample size is calculated using the likert scale. The result of this research indicates that interpersonal relationship and leadership style influenced significance and positively on employee’s satisfaction either partially and simultaneously. R2 of independent variable was giving 47.5%. Coefficient of independent variables (interpersonal relationship and leadership style) is dominated by interpersonal relationship which is 0.469. The researcher suggests in order to raise the work satisfaction of employee in Tangerang Selatan Public Hospital, the management should improve interpersonal relationship and leadership style in order to achieve the objective of the institution.

Interpersonal Relationship, Leadership Style, Work Satisfying.