Author : Maisyaroh, Zulfi Asyhari
Publications :  Seminar Nasional Fakultas Ilmu Tarbiyah dan Keguruan
Years : 2018
Volume & Number :
Pages : 591-601
Source :


Vehicles in a company is an important role in running their business, especially in the field of logistics. Logistics is
an activity that can not be separated from the progress of a company. PT.Trans Coffe is a logistics company engaged in food and beverage. In conducting current logistics activities, PT.Trans Coffee still can not detectthe location of vehicles that  are running logistics tasks, and also frequent errors in recording vehicle operating costs, so it can hamper logistics activities and impact on corporate losses. Google Maps API is a service provided by Google to users to take advantage of Google Map for build or develop an application. The Google Maps API provides several features for manipulating maps, and adding content through different types of services owned, and allowing users to build enterprise applications on their websites. The result of thisresearch isthe application that can be usedto know the data of logistics vehicle location at PT.Trans Coffe Jakarta and can know the operational cost of logistics by calculating the distance of travel in Maps by utilizing Google Maps API.There search method usedis  the Rapid Application Development (RAD)method.

Logistics, GMAPS API, Web Application, RAD