Author : Rosento
Publications : Jurnal Widya Cipta
Years : 2013
Volume & Number : Vol.5, No. 1
Pages :
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Competence is a very close relationship at all with the performance of the employee or labor, almost every organization is always in need and build human resource ( HR) professional and competent organization that makes these has advantages and with other organizations or have differentiation , as well as the main proponent organizational competitiveness in entering the era of globalization. In line with the development of the global economy , then every employee should have the advantage of high competence in accordance with the requirements in the job . If you want to improve the performance of employees should have competence in accordance with job duties ( the right man on the right job) , the competence of the system can be expected that a more reasonable basis for training according to the needs of employees and the organization . Therefore , a system of competence , the development of human resources can not only be seen as human beings with strengths and uniqueness that only need to be developed , but a man should be seen as a valuable asset.

Competence, The Performance of employee